Electronic cigarette: according to this study, it is a good way to stop smoking!

The electronic cigarette makes it possible to stop smoking! This is at least what a new study on the subject conducted by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center in the United States tends to demonstrate. The study, whose results were relayed by the media in Western France, noted that the chances of quitting smoking increased considerably with each day of use in addition to the electronic cigarette. That’s what made it possible for them to say that electronic cigarettes are a great way to quit smoking, even if other treatments fail. The device is therefore an effective aid if other treatments fail.

Why use a kit to start vaping?

Electronic Cigarette: the American study tends to prove that vaporization makes it possible to stop smoking.

The survey of 24500 smokers and former smokers, conducted by scientists at Georgetown University Medical Center (USA), revealed the evidence that the success of smoking cessation, or at least the attempt, increases with the number of days of electronic cigarette use. In short, the more a vaper vapes to wean over time, the more likely it is to stop smoking. According to Dr. David Levy, one of the study leaders whose comments are quoted on Ouest France,”the chances of success increase by 10% each additional day”.

The device could therefore be regarded as an effective aid to stop smoking, especially since:”Vape kits are generally considered to have a much lower risk of death than regular cigarettes and represent an intervention that doctors can recommend when other forms of treatment fail”.

This was confirmed by a recent study by Santé Publique France which noted:”in exclusive use, the device is considered to be less dangerous because the user does not inhale toxic substances… even if other risks may be identified in the years to come”.